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Afghanistan: Photographs from Keystone Mast     View
Contains 30 photographs of Afghanistan, taken in 1933. Includes text originally printed on the back of each stereo card. Features images of streets, people, homes, and landscapes. From the Keystone Mast Collection, California Museum of Photography, U ...

The Long War Journal     View
Blog of embedded journalist Bill Roggio, "covering the advances of U.S. led efforts in the War on Terror, and the stabilizing of Iraq and Afghanistan." Archives go back to 2004. Includes links to published articles, recommended reading, and ...

Afghan Network     View
Whether you need information on Afghan geography, culture, religion, flags, or cookery, you will find it at this website. This Canadian site also lists information about landmines and Afghan hounds, and provides some examples of Dari poetry.

The Afghan Womens' Mission (AWM)     View
This organization was "founded in response to the compelling need for adequate hospital facilities in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan." The website includes background information about the Afghan refugee crisis, an image gallery, current ...

Analysis: Who are the Taleban?     View
This December 2000 report covers the origins of the Islamic fundamentalist group. From the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

Afghanistan and the US: Selected Internet Resources     View
A collection of briefly annotated links. Topics include general information, rebuilding Afghanistan, political parties and groups, government statements, voices of peace, research and analysis, effects of the U.S. war, human rights, al-Qaida and Osam ...

War Report: Iraq War and Afghan Aftermath     View
Selected links to news stories, articles, documents, and analyses. Compiled by the Project on Defense Alternatives, a program of the Commonwealth Institute, a nonprofit public policy research organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Indepth: Friendly Fire     View
News and analysis about Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan in April 2003 in an alleged American "friendly fire" situation. (Friendly fire is the "casualty circumstance applicable to persons killed in action or wounded in action mi ...

Parthian Empire     View
A searchable history of this ancient Persian empire. Its boundaries covered all of contemporary Iran and portions of Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Information is provided about their calendar and rulers, w ...

Beneath the Veil/Lifting the Veil     View
Companion to a 2001 British documentary "Beneath the Veil" and the 2002 update "Lifting the Veil" on women's lives in Afghanistan under the Taliban and "whether women's lives have improved since the fall of the Taliban. ...




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