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Cryptozoology     View
"Cryptozoology is about strange, out of place, or unknown animals. In this website there are articles, photos, and other information on several cryptids." Current entries include the New Zealand waitoreke, the giant squid, and the coelacanth.

The Robot Zoo     View
A this site, you can "pet" animals such as grasshoppers, rhino's, and squid ONLINE! Learn all about how these animals eat, move, and live.

DinoBuzz: Current Topics Concerning Dinosaurs     View
Explores "the fantasy that surrounds" scientific knowledge about dinosaurs. Includes information on what is "good science," the relationship of dinosaurs and birds, dinosaurs in movies, and the metabolism, speed, and extinction of ...

Dragonfly     View
Explore some fun aspects of science. There are sections on snow, animal communication, and earth sounds. Then, try out the activity for that section, like making virtual snowflakes or escaping from an island.

The Beasty Game     View
Play the beasty game, "the oldest computer game." Think of an animal and see if the computer can guess what you're thinking!

Charlotte, the Vermont Whale     View
Hear the story and see the exhibit of whale bones that were discovered in Vermont in 1849. Learn about the bones "unlike any animal previously discovered in Vermont."

Tiktaalik Roseae     View
Discussion and illustrations of a limbed animal that may have been the first to walk on dry land. Includes a history of the discovery of this tetrapod. The video clips (featuring discussions with the discoverers) were not functional when we reviewed ...

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization     View
Frequently asked questions about the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery, early American legends, theories, evidence (or lack thereof), research and projects, news, and a Bigfoot sightings database are some of the highlights of this site, which explores the qu ...

Skulls     View
This site offers an entertaining, unique display of skulls and skull information. Several scientists offer interrelated definitions of what a skull is. The Structure and Function section displays wonderfully photographed skulls and describes them in ...

Taxidermy.Net     View
This extensive site categorizes hundreds of links to associations, publications, schools, workshops, conventions, suppliers, discussion groups, and taxidermy studios (listed by state). What Is Taxidermy? provides a definition, brief history, and gene ...



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