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The Showroom of Automotive History     View
Learn about famous American cars, such as the Model T, the Tucker, and the Mustang. Includes photographs, specifications, and some online activities and games.     View
How automobile leasing works, types of leases, how to get the best deal and ending leases, from a consumer's perspective. Helpful tools such as calculators, vehicle evaluators and lease kits are also provided.

The Body: A Multimedia AIDS and HIV Resource     View
The Body's mission is to "use the Web to lower barriers between patients and clinicians; demystify HIV/AIDS and its treatment; improve patients' quality of life; and to foster community through human connection." This site contains basic information ...

Motorsport News International     View
"Provides news, results, race reports and other information about motorsports of all types through the Internet... Coverage is the most extensive for Formula One, IndyCars and NASCAR."

Formula 1: Services -     View
"All Formula one races, all formula one tracks, analysis." Up-to-the-minute stats on formula one races around the world.

2 Car Pros     View
A comprehensive listing of previously answered car repair questions searchable by topic, by popular service repairs, by symptom, or by car make/model.

Troubleshooting     View
Provides a list of common car problems and maintenance issues with helpful troubleshooting suggestions.

Detroit Free Press: Auto News & Reviews     View
Provides daily coverage of the auto industry, auto news and reviews geared to consumers and motor sports coverage. The reviews section provides information to future car buyers. Links to auto shows are also provided.

How to Find Your Way Under the Hood & Around the Car     View
"A Quick and Easy Guide to Preventive Maintenance for the Self-Service Customer...(and anyone else who drives)." Learn about how a car works, what the parts are called, and how to maintain your car for maximum performance. Includes an easy-to-unders ...

Global Automakers     View
"The Association has served as the voice of automobile manufacturers from around the world since 1961 under various names. Today, we represent the U.S. divisions of 15 motor vehicle manufacturers who produce 40 percent of all vehicles built in Americ ...



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