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How Stuff Works     View
Explains simply, with excellent diagrams or pictures, how many common appliances, machines, and technologies work. Also covers health, animals, and the home. A small sample of topics covered includes: smoke detectors, remote controls, UPC bar codes, ...

How Chess Computers Work     View
This site illustrates how a computer program plays chess and diagrams how it calculates all possible moves using a formula called the minimax algorithm and a technique called alpha beta pruning. Information is also available on "Man vs. Machine ...

How Laughter Works     View
This article considers laughter: "what it is, what happens in our brains when we laugh, what makes us laugh and how it can make us healthier and happier. You'll also learn that there's a tremendous amount that no one understands yet." Topic ...

How Computer Viruses Work     View
Introduction to the operation of the computer virus, "a small piece of software that piggybacks on real programs," and the worm, "a small piece of software that uses computer networks and security holes to replicate itself." Topic ...

How Gyroscopes Work     View
This site describes functioning and applications of the gyroscope, a spinning wheel on an axle. Gyroscopes are used for measuring or maintaining orientation and are "extremely important in everything from your bicycle to the advanced navigation ...

How Power Grids Work     View
Describes the distribution of electrical power from the power plant and distribution grids to the private home and fuses and circuit breakers. From How Stuff Works. Record of the Month for September, 2003.

How Pawnshops Work     View
This feature provides an explanation of the workings of pawnshops, which lend small amounts of money in exchange for collateral, and buy and sell used merchandise. It includes an example of a pawnshop transaction, an example of how a pawnshop is regu ...

Howstuffworks "Computer Channel"     View
"HowStuffWorks is widely recognized as the leading source for clear, reliable explanations of how everything around us actually works. Through the flagship Web site, a popular series of books, an acclaimed kids' magazine, as well as ...

20 Ways for Teenagers to Help Other People By Volunteering     View
This is part of a larger site, the Teenager's Guide to the Real World, which you can buy in book-form on this site. Visit this site for twenty quick ways to start helping out through volunteer work in homeless shelters, food banks and more.

How Time Works     View
Brief answers to questions such as "why, for example, there are 12 months in a year? Why are there 30 days in September? Why are there time zones and what's with daylight-saving time? Why are there 86,400 seconds in a day?" Also include ...



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