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How Sourdough Bread Works     View
This site describes the process by which bread is leavened with sourdough starter rather than store-bought yeast. The site explains that to create sourdough starter the baker "captures wild yeast [fungi] that floats in the air to create starter ...

AIB International Statistics     View
Collection of data and references related to the baking industry, covering bakeries and specific baked goods such as bagels, breads, cakes, pizza, pretzels, and tortillas. Compiled by the staff of the Ruth Emerson Research Library of the American Ins ...

The Bread Machine Digest     View
Tips on how to choose a bread machine, including machine and product reviews, and a user manual written to cover most models. There is a large selection of recipes, including some for pizza dough, sourdough, and hamburger buns. You can also learn abo ...

Bread Recipes     View
Hundreds of bread recipes, including biscuits and rolls, muffins and scones, and ethnic and regional, unleavened, yeast, herb, diet, fruit, and holiday breads. Searchable. From     View
Recipes of course, but this site also provides hows and whys of home baking, notes on ingredients, measurement conversions, techniques, and inspiring photos of pies, tarts, cakes, tortes, cookies, and breakfast treats. There are videos about baking a ...

[Medieval] Bread FAQ     View
Answers to frequently asked questions about bread and medieval baking, including leavening, flours and other ingredients, recipes, and related topics. Includes a bibliography. From an enthusiast who bakes for medieval events.

National Cornbread Festival     View
The website for this annual festival held in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, features winning recipes for corn bread and related dishes, such as corn muffins, corn sticks, tamale pie, and main dishes with cornbread toppings. Also view video clips and pho ...

Russian Foods.Com     View
Online grocer of Russian foods and specialties including clothing and Russian interests. Site can be in English or Russian Language. It includes recipes for traditional Russian foods like borscht, pelmeni, and bliny; also links to news items about Ru ...     View hosts websites whose content and links are created and/or selected by hundreds of "Guides," experts who provide articles, advice, and resources on a particular subject. Search by broad channels or more specific topics.


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