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Five-Year Religious Holidays Calendar     View
These calendars for fall 2006 through summer 2012 list the dates of major Jewish, Islamic, Bahá'i, Buddhist, Shinto, African American, Eastern Orthodox, and western Christian holidays. Includes links to additional background information about se ...

United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism     View
This group is the umbrella organization for Conservative Jewish congregations. Their site features information about Jewish holidays and a Jewish holiday calendar, and directories of synagogues in the United States and other countries. Also includes ...

Calendars through the Ages     View
Did you know that the calendar you use every day is a tool that's gone through many changes over thousands of years? Learn more about various calendars, including Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Chinese, Myan, French, and more.

History of the Advent Calendar     View
This page from a German advent calendar company presents information on the origins of advent calendars and a short history of their evolution from simple chalk lines marking off the days in December until Christmas to paper calendars with windows. T ...

Earth Calendar     View
The "Today" button creates a list of today's holidays around the world. Tabs allow browsing by country, religions, or date. This simple site also gives dates of new and full moons. Searchable.

Holiday Craft Countdown: 30 Days of Crafts     View
Presented in the form of an advent calendar, this site offers daily holiday craft projects for mid-November through mid-December. Includes an archive of additional holiday craft projects, such as ornaments, cards, home decor, entertaining ideas, and ...,,HGTV_22056_53734,00.html

New Pope Greets the World     View
News stories about the election of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany to succeed Pope John Paul II. "Ratzinger will be known as Pope Benedict XVI." Features a "look at the new Pope Benedict XVI's accomplishment and beliefs," and ...

Today in Literature     View
This site features "engaging stories about the great books, writers, and events in literary history." Provides a new, original, biographical story each day as well as lists of works by and about the authors, basic facts, and related links. ...

Calendar Converter     View
"This page allows you to interconvert dates in a variety of calendars, both civil and computer-related." Includes Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Islamic, Persian, and Mayan calendars. From a computer programmer.

Why Leap Years?     View
"On this page you will find information about leap years, why and when they are used." Includes links to calendars for select leap years.



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