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California National Guard     View
Official site of the California National Guard, including the Army National Guard, Air National Guard, and State Military Reserve (SMR). Topics relating to the SMR include news about current activities, recruiting and retention, medals and ribbons, d ...

Veterinary Medicine Extension, UC Davis     View
A collection of publications "that address the issue of animal care relating to food animal production in California." Includes FAQs, fact sheets, and related material on the care of beef and dairy cattle, chickens, goats, sheep, pigs, and ...

Outlook for a Small Farm Meat Goat Industry for California     View
This January 2005 research report looks at topics related to the status of the goat meat industry in California, including factors affecting consumption, goat meat production outlook, estimated potential demand, conditions in the state promoting goat ...

David Bacon Stories & Photographs     View
Commentary and collections of photos of immigrants in the U.S. (such as migrants in Fresno, California), farmworkers (such as strawberry workers in Oxnard, California), unions strikes (such as San Francisco hotel workers), and portraits of other soci ...

California Rangelands     View
Scientific reports, fact sheets, and other publications on California rangelands. Topics include water quality (pollutants, best management practices), vegetation (weeds, ecological site descriptions), and livestock production (forage quality, grazin ...

NORCAL Genealogy     View
This site "lists state-wide genealogical indexes that help genealogists and historians to locate source material for their research. The object of this index is to provide researchers with a complete list of index references and a description of ...     View
" is a comprehensive almanac providing statistics, facts, information and trivia on the people, places, events and issues of Los Angeles County."

Sunset Travel: California     View
Collection of travel articles about locations in California. Includes outdoor activities and urban adventures, bargain trip ideas, lodging and dining suggestions, and more. From Sunset magazine.

USA Sumo: California Sumo Association (CSA)     View
Site of this organization that was started in 1998 "with two American sumo enthusiasts who had lived and studied martial arts in Japan." Features background (such as weight classes, technique, equipment, and basic rules), a listing of USA S ...

Northern and Central California Diving Clubs     View
Provides "a list of clubs [in Northern and Central California] that recreational divers may wish to contact in order to pursue various diving activities." Note: contact information available only for those organizations with websites or ema ...



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