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British Society for Cell Biology     View
Society promoting research in all branches of cell biology and "raising awareness of science policy issues in the UK." Offers public education resources about cell and molecular biology, research-quality microscopic pictures of cells and their parts ...

Text Messaging: More Than Just an Add-on to Cell Phone Plans     View
Provides an overview of text messaging (known as SMS, or short messaging service) on cell phones, including how to send messages, who uses text messaging, and benefits of text messaging for the deaf community. Includes links to related resources. Fro ...

A Typical Plant Cell     View
The main page opens with a large image of a eukaryotic plant cell. Click on the different areas of the plant cell for an explanation. The image shows "the three distinctive structures found in plant cells: 1.Cell Wall 2.Chloroplast 3.Vacuole".

Sickle Cell Information Center     View
"The mission of this site is to provide sickle cell patient and professional education, news, research updates and world wide sickle cell resources." Includes FAQs, online books and articles, related links, and more. Searchable.

U.S. Federal Aviation Administration: Travelers     View
Links to information for air travelers in the U.S. Topics include airport status and flight delays, limitations on items that can be brought on board (such as liquids, aerosols, and gels), security screening procedures, prohibited items, cell phone u ...

International Society for Stem Cell Research     View
Promotes public and media awareness of stem cell-related research and provides a forum for scientists in the field to collaborate and share information. Publishes an e-newsletter and other resources, and issues press releases and news bulletins.

Cell Biology Tutorial     View
This tutorial from Biology-Online provides a basic introduction to both general and specific cell biological processes, beginning with structure and energy generation and working up to viruses and cell defense. The contents are mostly text, although ...

BMC Cell Biology     View
"Publishes original research articles in all aspects of cell biology including cellular compartments, traffic, signalling, motility, adhesion and division."

Fuel Cell Today     View
A "global internet portal" for those interested in the commercialization of fuel cells. It includes an industry events calendar, current and archived news articles, a glossary, FAQ, a directory of industry organizations and people, informat ...

U.S. Fuel Cell Council     View
"The US Fuel Cell Council has assembled a collection of Books, Articles, and Reports that discuss fuel cells and fuel cell related issues." Some of the resources are available online through the Library at this site, including a fuel cell g ...




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