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Cell Phone Driving Laws     View
"States are examining the correlation between cell phone use while driving and crashes. ... [M]ultiple states have identified an emerging highway safety trend of cell phone use by novice drivers and have thus restricted use." Features a tab ...

Mobile Tech Today     View
"Real Time Wireless News from Around the World." Topics covered include: mobile phones, PDAs, wireless Web, Bluetooth, networking, 3G wireless, Satellite, M-Commerce, health and safety.

Cell Phone Etiquette     View
What are the good manners of cell phone etiquette? Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee give you advice.

Cell Phone Batteries: CPSC, CTIA Working Together to Keep Consumers Safe     View
This 2005 press release provides safety tips for use of cell phones, batteries, and chargers. Tips include not using incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers, not permitting a battery out of the phone to come in contact with metal objects, not ...

Plug Into eCycling: Recycle Your Cell Phone     View
Background and details about this U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiative, launched in early 2008, to encourage cell phone recycling. "[D]espite the large number of programs, most consumers still do not know where or how they can r ...

Consumer Reports: Best Cell Phone Deals     View
This consumer article provides suggestions for choosing cell phone providers, following the 2007 national annual survey that "found that fewer than half of respondents were completely or very satisfied" with their cell phone service. Explan ...

Fast Forward: Help File [Cell Phone Prompts]     View
This brief column from June 2008 "describe[s] how to skip both a voice-mail greeting and the prompts after it by pressing the right key on your phone." Includes instructions for major U.S. cell phone providers. From the Help File column of ...

MobileCrunch     View
"MobileCrunch is a blog covering the hardware, software, and services of the mobile industry."

CollectiveGood Mobile Phone Recycling     View
"If you have a spare mobile phone sitting on a shelf or in a drawer, you can recycle it here in an environmentally and socially responsible manner." CollectiveGood is a commercial enterprise that remanufactures or recycles donated cell phon ...

Cell     View
"Over the last 25 years, no other journal has consistently published as many high impact articles as Cell. Founded by Benjamin Lewin (author of Genes), Cell remains at the forefront of exciting developments in biology, continually redefining the impo ...



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