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"This document attempts to answer the questions which are asked on a weekly basis in the REC.MUSIC.CELTIC newsgroup. REC.MUSIC.CELTIC is an unmoderated forum for the discussion of all issues relating to Celtic music. Generally understood, 'Celtic mu ...

Celtic Art & Cultures     View
This graphics-intensive site features a searchable database of images; historical maps and timelines; brief articles on Celtic design; special topics such as Celtic crosses, the Hochdorf burial, and Irish monasteries; and a Celtic vocabulary list. Wa ...

Lughnasadh     View
Background about "the Celtic harvest festival on August 1st [that] takes its name from the Irish god Lugh." Includes a description of the history of the festival and its celebrations, and recipes for dishes inspired by the events, such as b ...

The Ceolas Celtic Music Archive     View
Information about Celtic/Irish music, including discographies of Celtic artists and upcoming tour schedules, and information about Celtic instruments.

Ceolas - the Celtic Music Archive     View
Ceolas is a directory of Celtic music on the Internet, concentrating on the Irish & Scottish traditions. Includes profiles, links, discographies of musicians, reviews and sound samples of the music, a resource list with pointers to books, magazin ...

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and America     View
A searchable collection of folk and traditional music and popular songs, with lyrics, MIDI renditions, tune information, and history. These songs include Francis J. Child ballads, country tunes, the works of Turlough O'Carolan, and sea shanties. The ...

Timeless Myths     View
A treasure trove of European mythology! Here you will find details about Greek mythology, Norse mythology from Northern Europe, Celtic mythology from the United Kingdom, and the famous story of King Arthur. The Arthurian Legends page also has a sec ...

Internet Medieval Sourcebook     View
Directory of primary source material for medieval studies available on the Internet. Many sources are available in full text. Browse by type of source or search. Includes special sections for different countries, economic life, the Medieval Church, J ...     View
The official home page of the extremely popular new age artist, Enya. Contains music videos, lyrics, news, and more, along with links to the pages of her musical partners, Nicky and Roma Ryan.

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University     View
Online images of manuscripts dating from the 9th to the 19th centuries from institutions affiliated with Oxford University.



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