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Civil War@Smithsonian: Collecting, Preserving, Remembering the National Experience     View
This site, produced by the National Portrait Gallery, provides information and pictures from the Smithsonian Institution's extensive collections on the United States Civil War. The collections represented include slavery and abolition, Abraham Lincol ...

Causes of the Civil War     View
Find primary documents from the secession period of the American Civil War. Includes text of letters, speeches, news articles, editorials, and secession documents; statistics on slavery; and a brief chronology of the secession crisis.

Civil War Photographs     View
This collection of 1,118 Civil War photographs can be searched by keyword, browsed by subject, or viewed by year. There is a list of represented photographers (most of the photographs were made under the direction of Matthew Brady), a brief article o ...

American Civil War     View
An extensive directory of links to information on the United States Civil War. Includes Civil War slang, recipes and other aspects of home life, data about African Americans (in the "Colored Troops" section), details about prisons and priso ...

Home of the American Civil War     View
Among the many topics covered here are biographies and photos of a great many of the major players; battle details and maps; overview of the war; information on available medical care; the navy and the naval war; the army, its organization, and condi ...

The American Civil War Homepage     View
A collection of links to websites about the Civil War. Topics include biographical information, state and local resources, battles, regimental histories, reenactors, images, public documents, and more.

Jews in the Civil War     View
This site looks at the Jewish experience during the Civil War, on both the Union and Confederate sides. It contains a collection of letters, first person accounts, biographies, photos, and excerpts from historical documents, along with links to rela ...

The American Civil War     View
The official National Park Service (NPS) American Civil War website. "The approaching Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War (2011-2015) offers the current generation of Americans a most important opportunity to know, discuss, and commemorat ...

The American Civil War Homepage     View
"The American Civil War Homepage gathers together in one place hypertext links to the most useful identified electronic files about the American Civil War (1861-1865). The page opens a gateway to the Internet's multi-formatted resources about what is ...

The Civil War Soldier: Civil War Small Arms     View
Concise introduction to the firearms used in the Civil War, including technical specifications, soldier's opinions of the weapons, the impact of weapon shortages, key foreign and domestic manufacturers, and status of production by the war's end. Incl ...



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