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Lennie Lightwave's Guide to Fiber Optics     View
This website provides an introduction to fiber optics, "[p]icture sending signals zipping along from one location to another in the form of light guided through thin fibers of glass or plastic. These signals can be analog or digital." Inclu ...

Fiber-Optic Technologies     View
This chapter from a 2004 book about optical-fiber network design covers a brief history of fiber-optic communications and "its wide spread applications ranging from global networks to desktop computers." Topics addressed include the physic ...

Internet Society     View
A non-governmental International organization for global cooperation and coordination for the Internet and its internetworking technologies and applications.

311 Non-Emergency Telephone Service     View
A map of the United States showing cities with a 311 telephone number for non-emergency government service calls. Also includes a brief description of the service for cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. From Dispatch ...

Telecommunications Act of 1996     View
Complete text of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There are additional FCC materials and proceedings and links to relevant sites, including the site maintained by the state of Wisconsin focusing on ...

National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)     View
The NTIA is "the President's principal adviser on telecommunications and information policy issues, and in this role frequently works with other Executive Branch agencies to develop and present the Administration's position on these issues. ...

National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA)     View
The organization set up to administer the Universal Service Discount programs. This site includes a great deal of information about the Schools and Libraries Program. Some information, such as forms, publications, and procedures, require (free) membe ...

Connected Earth: How Communication Shapes the World     View
This site "lets you explore communications past, present and future." Features illustrated essays on types of telecommunications (such as telegraph, telephone, radio, and satellite), advertising, uses, and pioneers and personalities. Also i ...

How Do You Fix an Undersea Cable?     View
Audio and text of a January 2007 article about making electrical repairs on the ocean floor. Describes the steps of how the repair takes place: discover location of damage (based on reported phone or Internet service outages or sending light pulses), ...

Wireless Security     View
This FAQ is a clear, not overly technical document on the inherent security problems associated with "wi-fi" (wireless networking based on the 802.11 standards). Includes steps you can take to make your computers and laptops more secure. Un ...



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