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Stanford Web Credibility Research     View
This site's goal is "to understand what leads people to believe what they find on the Web." (The research is part of a larger project called captology: "understanding how computers can change what people think and do.") Project re ...

Security Awareness Tip     View
Collection of tips for keeping your computer safe and secure. Tips include not downloading files from an unknown source, not accepting offers for "free PC scans" that pop up when you use the Internet, making your password complex (with a mi ...

ZDNet: Reviews & Prices     View
Use this site to help evaluate computers and computer-related peripherals. Compare prices if you already know what you want to buy, or peruse reviews and awards if you haven't made up your mind. Also has weekly specials and news. Browsable and search ...

Computers Decision Guide     View
Brief step-by-step guide to making decisions about a computer purchase. Topics include whether to upgrade or buy a new computer, deciding between a laptop and desktop computer and between Windows and Macintosh operating systems, types of laptops and ...

CNET Editors' Desktop Buying Guide     View
This step-by-step guide to desktop computers "clues you in to what you need to know, from finding the type of PC that fits your lifestyle to catching up on all of the latest trends." Discusses specifications for different users (general pur ...

CNET     View
"CNET Shopper lets you comparison shop for: digital cameras, notebooks, hard drives," and other types of computer hardware and software. Searchable, and browsable by category.

Apple II Frequently Asked Questions     View
The comp.sys.apple2 Usenet groups FAQ file is the basis of this site. Includes resource files and extensive list of links that cover every aspect of Apple II computing.

Macworld     View
News, tips, information, add-ons, and many more topics of interest to owners (or admirers) of the Macs. Searchable.

AppleCare: Service and Support     View
A searchable collection of information on Apple Macintosh computers, covering virtually every aspect of the Mac: operating systems, printers, software, hardware, peripherals, and more. Free registration is required for the newer material; technical d ...

TidBITS     View
An "online newsletter and Web site, devoted to the person behind the most personal of personal computers, the Macintosh. TidBITS relates events and products to real life uses and concerns. New TidBITS issues go out every Monday night; breaking n ...



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