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Make Your Calories Count     View
This "interactive learning program ... provides consumers with information to help plan a healthful diet while managing calorie intake [by using the information on food labels]. ... For simplicity, the program presents two nutrients that should ...

Weight Loss Products and Programs     View
Profiles of popular weight-loss products and programs, listing characteristics of the products and programs, strengths and weaknesses, and other comments. Also includes examples of ineffective weight-loss products. From a nutritionist at the Colorado ...

Choosing a Safe and Successful Weight-loss Program     View
A list of questions to ask before joining a weight-loss program. Discusses safety, costs, staff qualifications, product risks, and results. From the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).

TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly)     View
This is "an international nonprofit weight loss support group," in existence since 1948, which does not sell or promote any particular products. There is a small annual membership fee and members receive their weight loss plan from consultation with ...

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid Tool     View
Type in your age, weight, height, and sex and the tool will provide you a printable pyramid plan that will include a daily calorie goal for weight loss (or maintenance) and food serving recommendations. Also provides tips on how to get started using ...

WebMD: The Sonoma Diet: Promoting a Lifestyle     View
January 2006 overview and analysis of a "weight loss plan that promotes the healthy and flavorful eating style of the Mediterranean and Sonoma Valley [California]." This diet favors "top 10 power foods: almonds, bell peppers, blueberri ...

Frontline: Diet Wars     View
This Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Frontline program from 2004 looks at some popular diets and weight-loss programs (such as Weight Watchers, Atkins, and South Beach) and provides additional background information about diet and health, eating ha ...

Snack Attack: Coping With Cravings     View
Cravings may be physiological or psychological, sensory or emotional, an addiction, or a sign of serotonin deficiency; this article briefly discusses the differences and offers coping tips for easing cravings and for diminishing guilt feelings. From ...

Supermarket Guru     View
This site features the latest food and health trend news from food marketing columnist and radio and TV reporter Phil Lempert. Provides daily updates and weekly features on new product hits and misses, current and archived columns, "stolen ...

The Medicinal Herb FAQ     View
Information on single herbs like Yohimbe and Ma Huang; herbs for specific treatments for sleep, migraines, quitting smoking and weight loss; how to process them; recommended books; and more.



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