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Developmental Disabilities: Mental Retardation     View
Fact sheet about mental retardation (sometimes referred to as a cognitive or intellectual disability), which "is characterized both by a significantly below-average score on a test of mental ability or intelligence and by limitations in the abil ...

National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS)     View
The NASDDDA is "a nonprofit organization, established in 1964, to improve and expand public services to people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities." Its site features a list of member state agencies, litigation updates, a ...

National FindFamily Registry     View
"Families [who] may have lost touch with family members with disabilities for ... reasons ... like divorce, foster care or adoption, personal problems or misfortune" can use this service to try to track down these relatives "even thoug ...

The International Dyslexia Association     View
International non-profit organization devoted to the study and treatment of the learning disability dyslexia. Its web site provides general information on this condition (including common warning signs), news on assistive technologies, listings of re ...

Accessible America Award     View
Details about this award recognizing U.S. cities for "their focus on disability issues and successful design of programs, services and facilities that are accessible for citizens and visitors who have disabilities." Features press releases ...

MedlinePlus: Autism     View
Compilation of links to sites about this type of developmental disorder. Topics include news, organizations, overviews, diagnosis and symptoms, treatment, genetics, research, and statistics. From the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and the Nationa ...

Disability Rights Advocates (DRA)     View
"DRA is a non-profit law firm dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of people with disabilities. ... Through negotiation and litigation, DRA has made thousands of facilities accessible and has enforced access rights for millions ...

Disability Social History Project     View
Developing site with a timeline of the history of people with disabilities, special topic timelines, including important dates in the history of Sonoma State Hospital, and bibliographies (Freak Shows, Media & Disability, Women & Disability, Disabled ...

World of Dyslexia     View
Lots of resources, suggestions on school work, and updates on dyslexia-related news. Separate sections for college-age students, parents, and teachers.

The Boulevard     View
This site is a commercial clearinghouse for products and services in the disability and healthcare market. The directory provides company and service listings and covers adaptive clothing, transportation, personal medical equipment, independent livin ...



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