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Libraries and Autism: We're Connected     View
This site provides "a customer service training video primarily for library staff to help them serve individuals with autism and their families more effectively. The video focuses on what you need to know about autism and will empower you with s ...

New Monthly Data Series on the Employment Status of People With a Disability     View
This monthly series, which began in February 2009, provides "labor force data from the CPS [Current Population Survey] for persons with a disability." Includes employment rate, employment-population ratio, and other data for men and women 1 ...

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Products     View
Keystroke shortcuts for most of Microsoft's most popular programs: Access, Excel, Outlook, Word, Windows, and Internet Explorer; other tips and tricks; and Windows keyboard guides. Includes accessibility resources such as "alternative keyboard l ...

Information Technology and Disabilities     View
This quarterly refereed journal is intended for educators, librarians, academic computing staff, job accommodations/human relations professionals, and others interested in new technology and its effective use by people with disabilities. From EASI (E ...

DO-IT Program: Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology     View
The University of Washington's "DO-IT" program promotes "the use of electronic and information technology to maximize the independence, productivity and participation of people with disabilities." Links to assistance for those pur ...

Accessible Web Design     View
A brief collection of links to resources "that may be helpful in creating [Web] pages that are accessible to everyone, including those who have disabilities." From the University of Washington.

Universal Design Information Links     View
Onsite material and links to general universal design (UD) principals and guidelines which can be applied to all fields and applications (including, but not limited to, access for disabled persons). From the TRACE Center at the College of Engineering ...

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS)     View
The site's mission is "to provide program users, librarians, and the public a wide range of access to NLS publications, program information, and bibliographic data." Describes this free library service that distributes braille and audio mat ...

California Department of Aging (CDA)     View
"The California Department of Aging serves as both a unifying force for services to seniors and adults with disabilities and as a focal point for federal, state and local agencies which serve" these groups. The site includes information on ...

Employing People with Disabilities     View
List of resources on the laws governing the employment of people with disabilities, worksite accomodations, and federal tax incentives for employers. Includes information for workers on the Americans with Disabilities Act and on vocational rehabilit ...




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