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Adventurous Bunny and Easter Island     View
"A Shipwrecked bunny is taken to Easter Island, the home of candy producing plants and tasty reefs. With the help of island and ocean creatures, the newly created Easter Bunny brings the joy of Spring and Rebirth to all the little hands on Earth."

Rabbits on the Moon: A Short History of Easter     View
This page, based on "The Easter Hare" from the May 1890 Atlantic Monthly, "reveals that Easter and its customs have ancient and nearly universal origins." Discusses the lunar aspect of the holiday, and the ancient symbolism of the ...

French Easter (Pâques) Traditions     View
Description of Easter traditions in France. Discusses Easter eggs, poisson d'Avril (French chocolate Easter fish) and the related April Fools' Day-type trick in which children try to stick "a paper fish onto the back of as many adults as possibl ...

Ukraine and Ukrainian Easter     View
Description of Ukrainian Easter traditions. Topics include when Easter is celebrated, contemporary practices, ritual spring songs and dances, ancient traditions, paska (Easter ritual bread), and Easter baskets (which "should contain only a sampl ...

From Shell to Symbol: Art of the Ethnic Easter Egg     View
This exhibit feature Easter eggs "hand-decorated with elaborate, richly symbolic designs. They represent the work of four Wisconsin artists sustaining their ethnic and religious traditions." Exhibit sections highlight eggs decorated in seve ...

Eastertide and Springtime     View
This colorful site presents a series of beautifully reproduced Victorian Easter cards and verses. From the Scrap Album.

Calendars Through the Ages: The Christian Calendar -- Easter     View
Answers to questions about how the date of Easter is calculated. The site notes that "the calculation of Easter is complicated because it is linked to (an inaccurate version of) the Hebrew calendar." Topics include the "golden number ...

Eric Weisstein's World of Astronomy: Easter     View
Explanation of why "[t]he commonly stated rule that Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox is not quite correct. Easter is actually the first Sunday strictly after the 'Paschal full moon' ... [which] may di ...

Easter Parade 2007     View
See dozens of photos of the whimsical and wild head adornments worn at the New York City Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival, which takes place along Fifth Avenue from 49th to 57th Streets each Easter. Includes photos from 2006 and 2007. From a ...

How Easter Works     View
Explains "the origin and significance of the Easter holiday and of many of the traditions associated with it." Includes information about religious observations, such as Lent and Shrove Tuesday, and cultural customs, such as the Easter Bunn ...



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