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The Scots Guide to Electronics     View
"An extensive guide to electronics. Contains material at levels from absolute beginner to expert reference. Covers electronics, and the related areas of physics, information technology, etc. Includes example explanations of CD players, secret codes, ...

Digital Trends     View
Your "gateway to a hi-tech lifestyle," here you'll find product reviews on every type of electronic gadget out there, as well as news stories and a joinable community.

Wired: Gadget Lab     View
Blogged reviews of new tech toys, such as game controllers, iPod accessories, MP3 players, PDAs (personal digital assistants), cell phones, headphones, and digital cameras. Includes unique items such as a home weather station and a "spot-free ...

Discover: Technology/Gadgets     View
Collection of articles about technology developments such as wireless communications, fuel cells, holographic digital storage, robots, jet packs, self-sustaining dog houses, spy devices, imaging, and much more. Archive goes back to 1992. From the we ...

Geek-Free Home Automation     View
This 2004 review of home automation technologies and applications discusses limitations on functioning of systems. Covers X10 technology, which dates to the late 1970s and "sends power pulses from a switch over your household current to a device ...,1759,1628489,00.asp

Electronics Tutorials     View
Offers "comprehensive basic electronics tutorials in amplifiers, ham radio, filters, oscillators, power supply, receivers, transmitters, radio design and electronics design." Basic terms are explained in simple language and diagrams illustrate some c ...

Pocket Calculator Show     View
"Purpose of Pocket Calculator Show : to collect and celebrate personal memories of all integrated circuit-based consumer products from the electronics revolution of the 1970s and 1980s." There are photographs and commentary on hand calculat ...

Electronics: An Online Guide for Beginners     View
Step-by-step guide to the concepts, schematic diagrams, basic components, and logic circuits associated with electronic theory. Note: some parts of this site not working. A ThinkQuest site.

myGreenElectronics     View
This website features a ZIP code look-up for electronics recycling facilities and listings of electronics (such as computers, home theater, and televisions) that are energy efficient, made of recycled materials, or have other green properties. Includ ...

How Things Work: Flashlights     View
Questions and answers about topics related to flashlights, including batteries, bulbs, flow of electricity through copper, simple electrical circuits, and more. From How Things Work, run by a professor of physics at the University of Virginia.



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