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Diversity Endangered     View
This "exhibition from SITES, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, examines the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to the loss of biological diversity. Included are reproductions of color photographs, artists' rend ...

Terms of Environment     View
This glossary from the Environmental Protection Agency "defines in non-technical language the more commonly used environmental terms appearing in EPA publications, news releases, and other Agency documents available to the general public, studen ...

Earth Island Institute (EII)     View
EII provides organizational support for projects that promote conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment. The site features current projects, the Earth Island Journal, news releases, action alerts, and a biography of EII's ...

Heat     View
Companion website to a 2008 PBS Frontline documentary about global warming that "investigates how the world's largest corporations and governments are responding to Earth's looming environmental disaster." Find the full program, interviews, ...

Fire Protection Association Australia     View
This website for "Australia's major technical and educational fire safety organisation" features links to news about fires in Australia, such as the February 2009 Victorian fires (with links to regional information, road closures, donation ...

USGS Office of Global Change     View
This U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) office "strives to understand how the earth works and to anticipate changes in how the earth functions," and conducts research that "aims to understand the interrelationships among earth surface proce ...

Yale Environment 360     View
This online publication provides reports, opinion, analysis, interviews, and other material about the environment. Browse by world regions or by topics such as biodiversity, climate, energy, forests, and water. Also includes an environmental news dig ...

Bushfire Weather     View
"Australia has a history of severe bushfires. Such tragedies ... [include] the Ash Wednesday fires of February 1983 (71 deaths in Victoria and South Australia), the Tasmanian fires of February 1967 (62 lives ...) and the New South Wales bushfire ...

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)     View
This organization "is the world's oldest and largest global environmental network -- a democratic membership union with more than 1,000 government and NGO member organizations, and almost 11,000 volunteer scientists in more than 160 countries. ...

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC): Environmental Groups     View
Compilation of briefly annotated links to groups interested in protection of the environment, including wildlife, energy, water, wilderness, habitats, and more. From the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).




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