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Severe Weather in Iowa     View
News and background about June 2008 floods in Iowa, including breaking news, details on how to get help and how to volunteer, photos, videos, an interactive flooding map (with user-submitted photos and flood damage reports), a blog with neighborhood ...

Flood and Flash Flood     View
This fact sheet provides tips on flood preparation and what to do when flood and flash flood watches and warnings are issued. Includes links to materials for children and to several additional fact sheets on topics such as avoiding flood damage and p ...,1082,0_240_,00.html

Turn Around Don't Drown     View
This safety campaign advises drivers and walkers to turn around when they encounter a flooded road (or flooded canyon, wash, or other low spot) rather than continuing through the water and risking a washed-out road or being swept downstream by the wa ...

MOSE Project Aims to Part Venice Floods     View
This January 2008 article and accompanying radio program discusses the progress of the construction of the MOSE ("the acronym in Italian for experimental electromechanic module") project, "the biggest public works project in Italian hi ...

Sinking City of Venice     View
This companion site to a PBS NOVA television program "covers the battle to keep the world's most unusual city from drowning beneath the rising tides of the Adriatic Sea." An article, video, and animations illustrate the problems caused in V ...

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers St. Paul District     View
Website for this U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district whose "borders follow the edges of four river basins -- Mississippi River, Red River of the North, Souris River and Rainy River." Find details about the district's operation of dams and ...

Sand in the Grand Canyon: Two U.S. Geological Survey Studies     View
Information about how "a controlled flood was held during late March and early April of 1996 to help researchers determine if periodic large releases of water from Glen Canyon Dam can rebuild sandbars and restore other habitats [along the Grand ...

Earthforce     View
Ever wondered what a Tsunami is? What causes earthquakes? How deep you would have to dig to reach the fiery core of the earth? Or how to avoid getting caught in an avalanche? Find answers to these questions and more from this site and its links to ...

The "Fargo Flood" Home Page     View
This page "provides access to scientific (i.e. geologic and hydrologic) and historic information on flooding in the Fargo [North Dakota] region." Find current water levels of the Red River, photos (including the March 2009 flooding), data, ...

Johnstown Flood Museum     View
Provides a history of the flood that took the lives of over 2,200 people and destroyed Johnstown, Pennsylvania, when the South Fork Dam failed in May 1889. Features a brief history of the flood and a fact sheet on the flood's damage.



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