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Handwriting, Typewriting, Shoeprints, and Tire Treads: FBI Laboratory's Questioned Documents Unit     View
This 2001 article describes how personnel in the Questioned Documents Unit (QDU) of the FBI perform examinations of material. Includes illustrated discussions of physical examinations (often of paper surfaces), comparison examinations (of handwriting ...

National Forensic DNA Study Report: Final Report     View
In April 2004, the U.S. Attorney General submitted a report to Congress that found approximately 542,700 criminal cases with biological evidence were awaiting DNA testing. This study discusses the DNA backlog problem, the role of law enforcement agen ...

Fingerprint Identification: An Overview     View
Information about the use of fingerprint identification in criminal justice applications. "Taking Legible Fingerprints" discusses fingerprint pattern and impression types, fingerprinting equipment, steps for fingerprinting, and special situ ...

Crime Library: Literary Forensics     View
These articles cover forensic document and handwriting analysis, and specific cases that involved literary forensics. Includes material on written communications related to the Lindbergh kidnapping trial, the Unabomber case, the JonBenet Ramsey murde ...

The President's DNA Initiative     View
Find details about U.S. government activities promoting the use of DNA evidence in the criminal justice system. Includes links to publications (mostly from government organizations) on DNA topics of interest to the general public, forensic scientists ...

DNA Interactive     View
"This site is dedicated to the moment on February 28, 1953 when Jim Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double-helix structure of DNA — and to the scientists who breathed life into that structure." The site features a chronology th ...

Interactive Investigator: Your Introduction to the World of Forensic Science/Détective Interactif: Une Introduction aux Sciences Judiciaires     View
"You will be able to obtain general information and an introduction to the main aspects of forensic science from a database on the subject. You can also explore a Historical Cabinet containing actual evidence gathered from crime scenes throughou ...

Fact Sheet on the Guevara Lock of Beethoven's Hair     View
Information about the lock of hair that was cut from the head of composer Ludwig van Beethoven after his death. Discusses scientific tests that were performed on the lock of hair, including trace metals and DNA analyses, and a 2000 press release abou ...

Secrets of the Dead     View
This site is a companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) series in which crime scene investigation techniques meet history. Topics include the chemistry of the disaster of the airship Hindenburg, contaminated food as a potential cause of the a ...

Zeno's Forensic Page     View
This site contains an extensive directory of links to resources on forensic science, medicine, and psychiatry. It is maintained by a European forensics expert.



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