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Ancient Britain     View
Map and descriptions of prehistoric sacred sites around Britain. Features such highlights as Avebury (site of King Arthur) and Stonehenge as well as many lesser known sites. You can click on the area of the map you are interested in or go to the site ...

Stonehenge Settlement Found: Builders' Homes, "Cult Houses"     View
This January 2007 news release explains how "a major prehistoric village has been unearthed near Stonehenge in southern England." The settlement is believed to be housing for the builders of the famous monument and a ceremonial site. Includ ...

ARCHSEARCH: ARChaeological Holdings SEARCH system     View
A searchable catalogue of 350,000 records for books, bibliographies, journals, digital archives, and other resources about the historic environment of Great Britain (also for some entries for several other countries). Most of these records have consi ...

The Ancient Sites Directory     View
Listings of archaeological sites all over Great Britain. The site provides photographs, descriptions and directions to all of the sites. The sites are divided up by county. You can view listings sorted by site type or by site name. The author has a ...

Early Modern English Source     View
"These pages are designed to assist historians (and others who have an interest in history) in locating information, principally from the Internet, for the history of early modern England and Britain. Among these pages you will find information regar ...

British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Service (BOPCRIS)     View
"You can use this web site to search and browse information from British Official Publications over the period 1688-1995. You can also read abstracts, and view detailed consistent subject indexing, of key documents. You can then read the digitis ...

Kids??? Zone ??? Royalty     View
Learn facts about members of the current Royal Family and past Kings and Queens on this site. You can also paint a picture and look at photos of the Royal Family.

The Gunpowder Plot: Parliament & Treason 1605     View
This site, created in 2005 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot in England, "traces the background of the Plot using original material from the period held in the archives of the Houses of Parliament and in other archives. ...

Internet Library of Early Journals (ILEJ)     View
"A digital library of 18th and 19th Century journals." Four English Universities have scanned, indexed, and made available twenty-year runs of six different British magazines from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Browsable, or searchable by dat ...

The British Empire     View
This site examines the scope and impact of the British Empire from a number of different perspectives, showing how the British affected the regions they governed as well as how those regions affected the British. It features sections on the armed for ...



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