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Henriette's Herbal Homepage     View
A reference source for those looking for information on how to grow, harvest, prepare, and use herbs. The reference has information on a wide variety of herbs including tarragon, pyrethrum, rosemary, monarda, and thyme. The FAQ includes recipes suc ...

Herb Society (UK) Online     View
This United Kingdom herbalist society has world wide membership, and they say, "Growers and gardeners, botanists and medical herbalists, researchers and historians, cooks, crafters, aromatherapists, beauticians, and garden designers all can find some ...

European Herbal Practitioners Association     View
"We represent professional herbal practitioners throughout the European Union. Our aims (as set out below) are to ensure the continuation of professional herbal practice as a modality in its own right into the 21st century: - We are working to protec ...

Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute     View
"RMHI, a private educational and research organization, has offered professional training in Chinese herbal sciences since 1987 (since 1992 in Hot Springs, Montana)." This site has great articles on Chinese and Western herbalism, as well as free acc ...

AsiaRecipe.Com     View
An "everything you wanted to know" resource about Asian recipes and cooking. The highlights of the site are the country-specific areas, which provide a historical and cultural profile of each of 2 dozen Asian nations, followed by recipes for main di ...

A Taste of Gardening     View
This series on gardening basics features sections on garden planning, planting, growing transplants (planting dates for Chicago area only), composting, insect and disease control, herbs, and harvesting and storing vegetables. Includes handy charts de ...

The Culinary Herb FAQ     View
Provides information on gardening, harvesting, using herbs for cooking, making potpourris, and more.

Gernot Katzer's Spice Pages     View
Detailed information on over 100 spices including the history, chemical constituents, culinary use, and etymology of the plant names. The site features several indexes: alphabetic, geographic, morphologic (the part of the plant used in cookery), bota ...

National Gardening Association     View
The searchable website of this established gardening association provides many useful and comprehensive online resources, including regional reports, a pest-control library, and food gardening guide. Community resources include a seed swap, message ...

Worth One's Salt: From Fleur de Sel to Kosher, Which Salt is Best?     View
This 2005 article describes the results of a set of tests to evaluate the taste of salt alone and in foods. Tests were conducted with salts from the "four common varieties: iodized table salt, kosher salt, sea salt, and fleur de sel (a type of s ...



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