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How Internet Search Engines Work     View
Describes how search engines find information, using software called robots (spiders) to gather words and notes and build an index. Discusses meta tags, ranking, and how an index may be built. Includes diagrams. From How Stuff Works.

Hippo Works     View
Want to see some funny comics about animals in the jungle? Watch the animated comics or play the games with the animal friends at Hippo Works!

How Wall Street Works     View
Companion to a program that is "a primer on the basics of securities and investing -- [which] was first broadcast on Thanksgiving Day of 1990" and has been updated every few years. Features transcripts of reports on topics such as why compa ...

How Ninja Work     View
"Secretive and silent, the ninja stalks through Japanese history like a shadow. ... Today, the ninja has become a legendary, cult-like figure, showing up in computer games and children's cartoons." This site considers facts and fiction abou ...

How Black Boxes Work     View
Background about how an airplane's "flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR), also known as 'black boxes,'" are used by investigators to determine the cause of airplane accidents. Topics include data recording and storage ...

How Bounty Hunting Works     View
This feature describes the job of bounty hunters (or bail enforcement agents), who are sometimes hired by bail bondsmen to track down people who have left town and missed their court appearance. Discusses the legality of bounty hunting, typical bount ...

How Black Lights Work     View
Background about "why black lights make some objects glow but not others, and ... some interesting black light applications." Discusses the visible light spectrum and how black lights emit ultraviolet light, which cause phosphors (such as t ...

Kids Stuff With Magical Balloon Dude Dale     View
Learn how to make balloon sculptures with Magical Balloon Dude Dale. He'll help you make an airplane, a cobra, a dog, and more! It's amazng what you can do with a balloon. for Kids     View
Professional hockey's National Hockey League put together this site for kids. It has lots of stuff about pro hockey including interviews with professional hocky players. It also has a "how to" section with ways to improve your game.

20 Questions on How the Net Works     View
"A list of the 20 most popular questions about the Web--and the corresponding answers--to help you understand the basic principles of the Internet." Answers are written with the layperson in mind.




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