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How Bounty Hunting Works     View
This feature describes the job of bounty hunters (or bail enforcement agents), who are sometimes hired by bail bondsmen to track down people who have left town and missed their court appearance. Discusses the legality of bounty hunting, typical bount ...

Police Undercover Work     View
Introduction to undercover police activities. Discusses early stages (training and early contacts), middle stages (cover stories and false documents), and late stages (maintaining integrity and possible paranoia), how undercover officers are selected ...

The Small Claims Court: A Guide to Its Practical Use     View
"This handbook is designed to help anyone who is suing or being sued in small claims court [in California], or who is deciding whether or not to file a small claims court case. This handbook answers questions people frequently ask, and it descri ...

The Code of Hammurabi (The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School)     View
Hammurabi, king of Babylonia from 1792-1750 B.C., created one of the earliest written collections of laws. The preamble, text, and epilogue of the Code of Hammurabi are listed at this site. Also included are commentary by a scholar and an article fro ...

The Glossarist: A Searchable Glossary Directory     View
The Glossarist is a comprehensive directory of thousands of glossaries available on the WWW. The directory may be searched by keyword or browsed in more than 130 categories. Offers access to vocabularies for a wide range of topics at various levels o ...

Tables Summarizing [Family] Law in the Fifty States     View
A selection of tables providing a quick view of various aspects of family law for the fifty states in the areas of alimony/spousal support factors, custody criteria, child support guidelines, grounds for divorce and residency requirements, property d ...

California State Senate: Annual Digests of Significant Legislation     View
This digest includes all the measures that were chaptered into law, vetoed by the Governor, and other two-year bills and resolutions that are of significance. Browsable by year (1995-2003), and topic within year. Produced by the California State Sena ...

ABA     View
Legal information for consumers on Your Family , Your Home , Your Job , Your Finances , Buying and Selling , The Courts , Criminal Justice , and finding a lawyer. Some listings have brief annotations. From the American Bar Association.

TRAC DEA     View
Findings on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) criminal enforcement activities. For detailed statistics, maps, and tables, browse by U.S. as a whole or by 90 federal judicial districts and choose either civil audits or criminal enforcement. Ot ...

The California Whistleblower Protection Act     View
Questions and answers from the California Bureau of State Audits, the state government agency that "administers California's Whistleblower Hotline. The hotline enables state employees and the public to report improper acts committed by state age ...




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