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Learn2 Prepare for a Job Interview     View
"Does the thought of an upcoming job interview make you break into a sweat? Don??t worry." This site will "help ban your jitters so you'll be at your best on the big day."

Learn2 Read the U.S. Stock Market Pages     View
Learn the Wall Street lingo and follow the trading trends.

Learn2 Make Pizza Dough     View
Completely from scratch.

Learn2 Live with a Roommate     View
"A no-nonsense guide to peaceful cohabitation, from selecting the right roommates to preserving domestic tranquility once you start living under the same roof."

Learn2 Get a Clean, Close, Comfortable (Facial) Shave     View
"Shaving doesn't have to be scary: follow one of the simple regimes in this 2torial and you'll never fear the razor again."

Learn2 Establish a Personal Budget     View
The word "budget" doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Learn2 Cope with Bad Breath     View
"A few tricks to help with this most unfortunate difficulty."

Learn2 Change a Flat Tire     View
"Revoke your 'mechanically incompetent' status."

Learn2 Apply Eyeliner     View
"All thumbs? Tired of drawing zig-zags on your face when all you want is a nice neat line?"

Learn2 Write a Formal Essay     View
"It's not so hard to write," and this site will show you how.



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