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Learn2 Lease a Car     View
"Lease contracts can be both misleading and mind-boggling. Start your research with this 2torial and you'll be on the road to a smart lease agreement."

Learn2 Find a Literary Agent     View
"You've finally completed your literary masterpiece, and now it's time to show it to the world." This site will "help you find an agent who can open the right doors and best represent your work."

Learn2 Write a Thank-You Note     View
"It's time to write a thank-you note."

Learn2 Write a Speech     View
"Thorough preparation is a great solution to public-speaking panic." Here is some help.

Learn2 Email Your Resume     View
"The good news is that emailing a resume is fast and easy. The bad news? It's fast and easy for everyone. Now more than ever, it's important to stand out from the crowd."

Learn2 Deal with a Fender Bender     View
Thud! Oops! "Take these measures to deal with the situation."

Learn2 Cut Down on Toxic Household Cleaners     View
"Any cleaning substance you use ends up in the air, the water, or the soil and, ultimately, inside your body--so you may want to minimize your use of toxic products in your home."

Learn2 Improve Your Posture     View
Quit slouching!

Learn2 Be a Good Babysitter     View
"Getting paid to play--could there be a better job description? Great babysitters will be in demand as long as parents need time to themselves. We'll help you land (and keep) that first job."

Learn2 Cope with Menstrual Cramps     View
"Though these days drugs like Advil or Motrin may take care of the pain, there are many natural remedies for alleviating all the symptoms, not just pain, which many women prefer to pills. Presented here are a variety of methods to make you feel bette ...




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