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Find a Flu Clinic     View
Search by ZIP code for flu shot clinics provided by drug store and supermarket chains. The "best time to get a flu vaccine is from early October to mid-November." From the American Lung Association.

First-Aid Guide     View
Basic first aid information for situations such as bites, burns, chest pain, choking, heat stroke, hypothermia, poisoning, shock, and other medical emergencies. From the Mayo Clinic.

Colorectal Cancer     View
Clear descriptions of symptoms, causes, risk factors, warning signs, screening, treatment, prevention, and coping skills related to colorectal cancer by the Mayo Clinic.

Meningitis     View
The Mayo Clinic describes meningitis and its symptoms, causes, risk factors, screening procedures, complications, treatment, and prevention. It also provides links to additional resources.

Graves??? Disease     View
The Mayo Clinic's informative page describes Graves' Disease and its symptoms, causes, screening process, treatment, self-care guidelines, and links to additional information.

Are You Wearing Your Bicycle Helmet Correctly?     View
This brief article features photos and instructions for correct positioning of a bicycle helmet, covering the common mistakes of tilting the helmet backwards or forwards. From the Mayo Clinic. Tools for Healthier Lives     View
Health information from the famed Mayo Clinic. Includes links for allergy and asthma, alzheimer's, cancer, children, heart, drugs and supplements, men, nutrition, and women. There's also a library of articles and features that allow users to ask que ...

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     View
Basic information on carpal tunnel syndrome. Sections cover symptoms, risks, screening and diagnosis, treatment, prevention, self-care, coping, and alternative medicine. Includes related articles. From the Mayo Clinic.

Cholesterol Center     View
Information about high blood cholesterol and health risks, and treatments and lifestyle choices to lower cholesterol. Features a discussion of medications (such as statins, fibrates, and niacin), maintaining a healthy weight, and exercising. Includes ... Toxic Shock Syndrome     View
Fact sheet on this "rare, life-threatening bacterial infection that has been most often associated with the use of superabsorbent tampons and occasionally with the use of contraceptive sponges." Topics include symptoms, causes, treatment, a ...




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