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Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies     View
"ORB is an academic site, written and maintained by medieval scholars for the benefit of their fellow instructors and serious students. All articles have been judged by at least two peer reviewers. Authors are held to high standards of accuracy, curr ...

Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies     View
Contains the complete articles of all issues of the journal "Comitatus," published annually since 1970 by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Features "articles by new scholars working in any field of the Middle Ages ...

Medieval English Towns     View
"Historical information about English cities and towns in the Middle Ages, with emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history. Includes primary material."

Index of Medieval Medical Images     View
"The Index of Medieval Medical Images project began in 1988 and aimed to describe and index the content of all medieval manuscript images (up to the year 1500) with medical components held in North American collections." Contains images and ...

Grey Company Trebuchet Page     View
A trebuchet is a siege engine used in medieval times, also known as traction trebuchet, perrier, petraria, war wolf, coulliard, bricole, and "the witch from whose head the ropes hang like hair." This Australian site shows historical depictions of thi ...

Research Guide for Medieval Law     View
Bibliography on law in the Middle Ages. Topics include early law codes, canon law, synods and councils, Judaism and the law, Islam and the law, and more. Other research guides contain bibliographies on medieval studies and medieval women. From the Ke ...

The Magna Carta     View
Collection of materials about the Magna Carta, signed by King John of England in 1215. Features a translation of the 1297 version of Magna Carta, an image of the 1297 Magna Carta (the only version permanently residing in the U.S.), and an essay about ...

Fabulous Journeys and Faraway Places: Travels on Paper, 1450-1700     View
This 2007 exhibit explores travel in the Middle Ages and Renaissance when it was "nasty, brutish and long." Interactive prints illustrate biblical, and mythological travel; travel to Rome, Constantinople, and the Holy Land; and "furth ...

Deschutes Public Library Book Lists     View
Interested in reading about unicorns, dragons, knights or dinosaurs? The Deschutes Public Library Kid???s Page provides great recommendations for books on these and other topics. Some categories in this list include: adventure, Cinderella stories, bo ...

Exploring Ancient World Cultures     View
Online course supplement for students and teachers of the ancient and medieval worlds, featuring its own essays and primary texts. Covers eight areas of interest: "The Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Early Islam and Medieval Europe". A ...



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