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Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California     View
Full-text of a 1890 article on the California Missions from the Century Magazine. From the Museum of the City of San Francisco Web site.

Mission San Juan Capistrano     View
Official website for this California mission, which was the "seventh mission founded [on] November 1, 1776, the Feast of All Saints, by Fr. Junipero Serra." Features history, photos, a mission map and guide, and details about the "Retu ...

California Missions Resource Center     View
"Guide to discovering the history behind the [Spanish] missions and the people who founded and shaped the character of California." Features a map, timeline, contemporary and historical photos, galleries of 19th-century drawings and vintage ...

The California Missions Trail: Missions of the Californias     View
Brief descriptions of the 21 missions that "comprise California's historic mission trail [and which] are all located on or near Highway 101, which roughly traces El Camino Real (The Royal Road) named in honor of the Spanish monarchy which financ ...

The Missions of Alta California: Photographs by William Henry Jackson     View
Exhibit of selections from William Henry Jackson's series of albumen photographs (1885-1890) of the Franciscan missions in California. Features images of twelve missions including Mission Dolores in San Francisco, and missions in San Luis Rey, San Ju ...

California Missions: A Virtual Tour     View
This site has two histories (one brief and one in more depth) of each California mission. There are also historic and contemporary photographs of each mission, sketches of mission life, annotated links to related online resources, and a History of Mi ...

California Missions Interactive     View
Trip reports of two bicyclists' 1995 tour of twelve of the California missions. Photos and interesting details on eleven of them.

California Missions     View
An essay, brief facts about each mission's founding and location, brief information about the photographers, and historic photographs (1895 through the 1940s) of all 21 California missions. From the California Museum of Photography, University of Cal ...

Early California Population Project (ECPP)     View
This project "provides public access to all the information contained in California's historic mission registers. ... Within the baptism, marriage, and burial records of each of the California missions sits ... information on the Indians, soldie ...

Junipero Serra (1713-1784)     View
Biography of Junipero Serra, a "priest in the Franciscan order of the Catholic Church ... [who] was a driving force in the Spanish conquest and colonization of what is now the state of California." Includes highlights of his life and inform ...



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