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North American Mycological Association     View
An "organization of individuals, families and local clubs dedicated to the study and enjoyment of mushrooms." The site includes select articles from NAMA's bimonthly newsletter, The Mycophile; information on cultivating mushrooms, K-12 educational r ...

Fun Facts About Fungi     View
"We find fungi so fascinating that we wanted to share some fun facts about fungi with you. Fungi both cure and cause disease. They determine what plants grow in your yard and in forests, and keep us from being buried in waste. Some fungi taste great ...     View
Find information on all aspects of mushroom use: production statistics, farming, how they grow, care and handling, varieties, preparation, and nutrition. From the Mushroom Council, a trade association.

The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology     View
The most complete directory of mushroom resources on the Internet. A Virtual Library site.

The Fungus Among Us     View
"Fruit ferments, vegetables rot, feet itch, and mushrooms sprout overnight on our lawns. These events all have one thing in common — the unseen mycelia of thousands of species of fungi." The site, from the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural ...

The Fungi of California: Edible Fungi     View
A list of mushrooms "that are: (1.) Large enough to be considered for the table. (2.) Generally considered edible for most people. (3.) Fairly commonly eaten in California or elsewhere. Please read our general notices on mushroom edibility and p ...

CalPhotos: Fungi     View
A collection of over 2,000 photographs of fungi (mostly from California). Searchable by name, type (fungi, lichen, or mold), location, continent, country, U.S. state, California county, and photographer. Photos include links to additional information ...

The Fungi of California     View
A growing collection of information on over 350 fungi found in California with over 1500 photographs. There is a species index and a simple "pictorial key to the major groups of fleshy fungi based on macroscopic characters...." A list of ed ...

Sump Pump Info     View
Basic information about various types of sump pumps, plus tips on basement water control and what to do about mold, mildew, and fungus. There are links to a list of suppliers, further resources for sump and other types of pumps, and general plumbing ...

Tom Volk's Fungi     View
Images and information about fungi. Fungus of the Month dates back to 1997 and includes information, images, and pronunciation. Holiday Fungi lists the role played by some fungi in several holidays. Includes related links. From a biology professor at ...



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