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Walter Mason Camp Collection     View
Collection of "86 photographic images, centering on [Walter Mason] Camp's interest in the Indian Wars of North America occurring between 1865 and 1890." Includes portraits of Native American leaders such as chiefs Big Road and Joseph, Ameri ...

American Indian Heritage Month     View
This site commemorates the historical participation of Native Americans in the U.S. armed forces. Topics include American Indian Medal of Honor Recipients, Native American women veterans, and Native Americans in World War II and the Korean War. Inclu ...

20th Century Warriors: Native American Participation in the United States Military     View
This site documents recent Native American participation in United States military actions. Find a summary of 20th century activity, Medal of Honor winners, and a history of the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II, who transmitted crucial information ...

Women in Military Service for America Memorial Foundation: Resources     View
Links to articles on the role of women in the U.S. military beginning with the American Revolution, including essays on Black, Asian-American, Hispanic, and Native American women in the armed forces; a narrative of the struggle for racial equality by ...

Navajo Code Talkers     View
A website dedicated to the recognition of the Navajo Code Talkers of World War II, who "developed the most significant and successful military code of the time." Includes history of the Code Talkers, a photo gallery, background on the prese ...

National Cryptologic Museum     View
This museum "is the National Security Agency's principal gateway to the public. It shares the Nation's, as well as NSA's, cryptologic legacy and place in world history." The site features descriptions and images from exhibits on topics such ...


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