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Paracelsus, Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von     View
Biographical details about this Renaissance Swiss physician, researcher, and writer. Topics include education, scientific disciplines (primarily chemistry and medicine, secondarily astrology and philosophy), means of support, and patronage. Part of t ...

AKA Houdini     View
This exhibit provides biographical material about Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss), covering his childhood ("He told fans that he was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, but his real birthplace was Budapest, Hungary."), his rise to fame as an escape a ...

Why Was Captain Cook Killed?     View
This history lesson provides background about the killing of Captain James Cook in Hawaii in 1779. "In January 1778 Cook and his crew became the first Europeans to visit Hawaii (which they called the Sandwich Islands)." Includes a glossary ...

Houdini     View
Companion website to a documentary about Harry Houdini (Ehrich Weiss), who has been called "the world's greatest escape artist." Features escape techniques (for ropes, straitjacket, and more), film clips, timeline, a poster gallery, and pro ...     View
Biographical information about writer and humorist Erma Bombeck. Features a timeline covering Erma's writing career, her time with "Good Morning America," her television series, and other aspects of her life. Include photographs, audio and ...

Cool librarians     View
Visit this fun and interesting site and you will find out more than you ever wanted to know (fact and fiction) about libraries, librarians, and library related issues. Maintained by Professor Christopher Brown-Syed, Wayne State University Library and ...

Cubanet     View
Daily reporting from independent journalists inside Cuba, and other writers, reflecting a perspective frequently critical of the Cuban government. Includes information about jailed Cuban journalists and writers. Searchable. Also available in Spanish ...

150th Anniversary: John Brown, 1859 Raid on Harpers Ferry     View
Background and updates about the commemoration of "the 2009 sesquicentennial anniversary of abolitionist John Brown's raid on the arsenal at Harpers Ferry," located near the juncture of the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. Includes a brief de ...

Times Topics: Harold Pinter     View
Collection of articles about "Harold Pinter, the British playwright and a Nobel laureate in literature," known for plays such as "The Birthday Party" and "The Homecoming"; he died in December 2008. Features an obituary a ...

Charles Darwin After the "Origin"     View
Companion to a 2009 exhibition celebrating "the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publication of the 'Origin of Species.'" It focuses on "a significant period in Darwin's life that has thus far received ...



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