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Stage Lighting Math     View
"A collection of math formulas that can prove useful to lighting designers and electricians." Formulas presented by Glenn Cunningham, of Lighting & Electronics, Inc. His website is preserved by Scott C. Parker of

The History of the Australian Theatre     View
Covers Australian Theatre history with articles, pictures, and programmes.

Association of British Theatre Technicians     View
"The Association of British Theatre Technicians strives to further technical standards in UK Theatre by collating, discussing and re-distributing information that relate to theatre planning, stage machinery, lighting and sound equipment, acoustic, sc ...

Stage Lighting Tech Pages     View
The Stage Lighting Tech Pages are "for anyone involved in performance lighting needing information fast. These pages contain links to the sites of equipment maunfacturers, hire companies, organisations and other sites on the internet dedicated to lig ...

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms     View
Hundreds of British (and American) technical theatre terms, explained. From the University of Exeter Drama Department.

The New Deal Stage: Selections from the Federal Theatre Project 1935-1939     View
A browsable collection of images of items derived from the Federal Theater Project, established by Franklin Roosevelt as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Includes production notebooks, costume designs, playbills, posters, musical scor ...

National Theatre of The Deaf     View
The National Theatre of the Deaf offers information on performances of "original works in a style that links American Sign Language with the spoken word." Site also provides information on the Little Theatre of the Deaf, actors workshops, booking inf ...

McCoy's Guide to Theatre and Performance Studies     View
Annotated guide to theater- and performance-related Internet resources, including Web sites, newsgroups and e-mail lists.

East London Theatre Archive     View
The East London Theatre Archive contains digitized versions of images related to English theater from 1827 to the present.

Stagecraft Frequently Asked Questions     View
Frequently asked questions from the and alt.stagecraft newsgroups. The questions are sorted by lighting, sound, props, etc.



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