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Summer Camp: Take Chances, Make Memories     View
Collection of material about children attending residential camps during the summer. Topics include why go to camp, choosing a camp (with questions parents should ask camp staff), getting ready to go and packing, making friends, and homesickness. Als ...

Allen's Guide:Summer Camps and Travel Programs     View
This website "provides information about many different kids and teen summer camps and travel programs. These are all structured group programs. ... Allen's Guide does not manage or book any of the programs but links you to the operators' web si ...

National Trails Day (NTD)     View
NTD, held the first Saturday of every June, is "America's largest celebration of trails and the outdoors." The site features a FAQ, tips for planning an event, and listings of events in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Also includes details about ...

Takoage-Gassen (Kite-Fighting Contest)     View
Brief overview of this May event in which "[m]ore than 100 kites are flown in the sky over the Nakatajima Dunes, one of the three largest sand dunes in Japan" and in which "the kite-fliers try to cut their opponents' strings by frictio ...

For Afghan Boys and Men, Kite Flying Is a Way of Life     View
This 2007 article describes how, "[b]anned during the Taliban regime, kite flying is once again the main recreational escape for Afghan boys and some men." The sole objective of the kite flying is the kite fight, in which a kite flier tries ...

The Skydiver's Enclave     View
This site has a categorized directory of nearly 2,000 briefly annotated skydiving links, free classified ads for skydivers, and a gallery of over 500 images sorted into categories where skydivers may share their photographs. Searchable.     View
Clearinghouse for information about pedestrian (and bicycle) topics, such as benefits of walking, safety, urban planning policy and solutions (such as laws, education, and promotion). Search or browse the resources by topics such as funding, engineer ...

Balloon Race Around the World     View
"On this site, you can delve into the history of science and ballooning, [and] follow the attempts of earlier balloonists to make the round-the-world flight." Includes a virtual balloon flight, materials for teachers, a program transcript, ...

World Wide Web Balloon Pages     View
Comprehensive list of unannotated links. Includes links to around the world attempts, the James Gordon Bennett races, and hundreds of other ballooning, airship, and blimp sites.

American Camping Association     View
The American Camping Association is a 100-year-old community of camp professionals that accredits camps which meet some 300 standards it sets for health, safety, and program quality. One can search through over 2,000 camps using many criteria, includ ...



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