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Edward Steichen Portraits     View
Companion to an exhibit of photos by Edward Steichen, "the man Vanity Fair called [in 1923] 'the greatest of living portrait photographers.'" Features selected images from the exhibit including annotated photos of John Pierpont Morgan, John ...

Revolution and Commerce: The Legacy of Korda's Portrait of Che Guevara     View
Companion to an exhibit about "the portrait of Ernesto 'Che' Guevara,' Guerrillo Heroico, photographed by Alberto D'az Korda on March 5, 1960, [which] is considered to be the most reproduced image in the history of photography." Features se ...

Tokens of Affection and Regard: Photographic Jewelry and Its Makers     View
Companion to a 2008/2009 exhibit about 19th century jewelry that incorporated photographic portraits. "The evocative portraits preserved in photographic jewelry are rarely attributable to specific makers. ... [M]any of the nineteenth-century's m ...

Photographs of George Faitzer-Feroff     View
Collection of photographs by this Russian-born photographer who moved to the U.S. in 1921. He specialized in portraiture and in early color photography such as the Carbro color process. The site features material about the Carbro color process and do ...

The International Photographic Historical Organization     View
The International Photographic Historical Organization (InPHO) was created in 1985. It aims to be a source of "learning about the evolution of the art, science, and technology of photography, as well as provide practical information on the care, coll ...

Click! Photography Changes Everything     View
This is "a collection of essays and stories ... discussing how photography shapes our culture and our lives. Explore how photography changes Who We Are, What We Do, What We See, Where We Go, What We Want and What We Remember." Includes a vi ...

Exploring Photography: Photographic Processes     View
Brief explanations and examples of photographic processes such as albumen print, c-type print, cyanotype, daguerreotype, dye transfer, photogram, photogravure, and platinum print. From the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum in London.

Mexico as Muse     View
"Explore the lives of Tina Modotti and Edward Weston -- two extraordinary 20th-century artists who shared a passion for photography, Mexico, and each other -- and experience the vibrant cultural climate of Mexico that was both inspiration for an ...

Four for a Quarter     View
This September 2008 article discusses the history and future of photo booths. Includes selected photo booth images from a book on the subject and user submitted photos and memories. From Smithsonian magazine.

Looking In: Robert Frank's "The Americans"     View
Companion website to a 2009 exhibit celebrating the 50th anniversary of Robert Frank's "The Americans" (first published in France in 1958, in the U.S. in 1959), which "is widely celebrated as the most important photography book since W ...



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