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National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP)     View
This organization's purpose is to "identify and promote strategies that prevent child poverty in the United States and that improve the lives of low-income children and their families." The Web site has facts, statistics, reports, news, ana ...

Work and Marriage: The Way to End Poverty and Welfare     View
September 2003 policy brief from the Brookings Institution that contrasts "making cash and related forms of public assistance more generous with strategies that encourage work and marriage." Includes links to related commentary and briefs f ...

Bread for the World     View
"Bread for the World is a nationwide Christian citizens movement seeking justice for the world's hungry people by lobbying our nation's decision makers." This site includes news and statistics relevant to world hunger issues, as well as information ...

Economic Success Clearinghouse     View
Contains links to "policies, programs and financing strategies that help low-income and working poor families." Topics include welfare, workforce development and support, and personal finance. Formerly WIN (Welfare Information Network). Fro ...

An Gorta Mór: The Great Irish Famine     View
This site has digitized texts from the 1800s, as well as links to other texts, other Irish potato famine sites, and some general Irish and Celtic sites. Some materials are in large files and may be slow to load. From the Great Hunger Archive, Arnold ...

An Gorta Mór: The Great Hunger Archive     View
Collection of material about the Irish potato famine that began in the 1840s. The site features transcriptions of workhouse minute books, a multimedia presentation about the Killarney workhouse minute books, digitized documents and papers, photograp ...

World Food Situation     View
"This portal offers latest information on food commodity prices, supply and demand and factors that affect world food markets." Covers damaged crops, food emergencies, specific countries in crisis, food prices and volatility in agricultural ...

Demos--Ideas & Action     View
Created by a network of journalists, writers and researchers, Demos features "news, information and expertise on the divide in income, wealth and health" in the United States. It is meant to serve as "a storehouse of information, comment, and origina ...

Kids Can Make a Difference     View
This site has many facts about hunger around the world, and suggestions about what young people can do to help feed the hungry.

An Introduction to Social Policy     View
An outline of the main issues of social services and the welfare state. Relying largely on examples in the United Kingdom, the site discusses welfare and society, politics of welfare, social need, and social administration. Includes recommended read ...




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