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The Internet Chef     View
"You can find cooking ideas from snacks to full meals right here." Site features include recipes, columns about cooking, cooking tips, and interactive discussions.

RecipeSource     View
RecipeSource is an online recipe database project started in 1993 by Berkeley University which now holds over 70,000 recipes. The database is fully searchable by ingredient, type of dish (side, main) and ethnicity. In addition to food recipes, ther ...

Eat Dangerously     View
A fun cookbook full of unhealthy recipes whose authors urge us to "live fat, die young, and blow health out your ass!" A response to today's low-fat, healthy eating trend.

The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom     View
Includes recipes, information sheets, and health and nutrition research.

Cafe Zoom     View
Ever eaten dirt pudding, or made rainbow cake? PBS Kid's show Zoom offers up some scrumptious recipes sent in by kids.

Kid's Kitchen     View
Make a banana-strawberry smoothie, or monkey bread! These are recipes that can be made by children but will require some degree of adult supervision.

Canning Basics for Preserving Food     View
Information about safe canning procedures, canning equipment, and recipes.

Adventures in Armenian Cooking     View
Web version of a cookbook originally published to raise funds for an Armenian church. Includes instructions for canning grape leaves, making "madzoon" (yogurt), cracker bread, "basturma" (pastrami), "paklava" (baklava), ...

Food and Drink in Finland     View
Material about traditional Finnish food and drink. "In summer new potatoes, fresh vegetables, salmon, whitefish and Baltic herring are [favored]. ... Crayfish are in season from late July through September. Mushrooms and game figure prominently ...

FinFood: Taste of Finland     View
This site about Finnish food culture explains that "[t]here is more to the Finnish cuisine than Finnish Easter pudding Mämmi and salted fish." On this site learn about popular Finnish dishes, drink culture (including milk and fruit and ...



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