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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle     View
Explains the necessity of recycling and explains how to do it, including how to recycle electronics, grass clippings, oil, and batteries. Also has details on materials and waste exchanges and waste minimization. From the U.S. Environmental Protection ...

Garbage: How Can My Community Reduce Waste?     View
An introduction to the problem of global waste management, with some possible solutions. Topics include solid waste, sewage, hazardous waste, and sustainable living. Offers annotated links to sites for further reading.

Hands on Plastic     View
Provides links to "Hands on Plastics" educational resources developed by the National Middle Level Science Teachers Association (NMLSTA). Lesson plans and learning activities related to the science of plastics and polymers for grades K-4 and 5-8.

Washington Organic Recycling Council (WORC)     View
This Washington state nonprofit organization is "dedicated to the support and promotion of all aspects of organics recycling." The site provides material on "the basics of large scale composting and organic recycling activity and provi ...

Computer Recycling: Educational Resources     View
This site was created "to assist you in locating information or contacts needed to reduce the amount of electronic equipment going to landfills." Includes links to sites for recycling computers, monitors, floppy disks, parts, components, pe ...

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX)     View
"A free service designed to help businesses find markets for nonhazardous materials they have traditionally discarded. CalMAX helps businesses, industries, and institutions save resources and money." These groups may place listings for both ...

The Green Guide     View
Comprehensive resource provides environment friendly (green) product information, news and education. Offers blogs, free weekly e-newsletter and quarterly online subscription magazine. Tips and solutions can be found here to help consumers live in a ...

Greener Choices: Products for a Better Planet     View
Great comprehensive resource from the publisher of Consumer Reports, providing information to enable consumers to make better choices regarding environmentally-friendly (green) products and practices. Green product ratings, green hot topics, energy c ...

How to Recycle Anything     View
An A-Z guide about how and where to recycle household items. Covers items such as aerosol cans, batteries, books, cell phones, computers, crayons, formal wear, jam jars, keys, office envelopes, tires, toothpaste tubes, and zippered plastic bags. Also ...

Resin Identification Codes: Plastic Recycling Codes     View
This chart lists the recycling codes (1-7) found on plastics, with descriptions, and information about properties, packaging applications, and recycled products. Includes information for polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE), high density polyethy ...



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