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BizRate Shopping Search     View
Independent directory of quality shopping sites. Provides the top retail sites for overall customer satisfaction in the categories of apparel, books, computers, electronics, department stores, food and drink, games and toys, gifts, health and beauty, ...

Whatever Happened to Green Stamps?     View
A brief history of S&H (Sperry and Hutchinson) green stamps and their reincarnation as electronic "greenpoints." From The Straight Dope site.

Supermarket Characteristics and Operating Costs in Low-Income Areas     View
"Whether the poor pay more for food than other income groups is an important question in food price policy research." This December 2004 report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) examines whether "stores serving low-income ...

Flea Market Guide     View
Choose a state, then choose a city to find flea market information, including hours, fees, number of booths, and phone number. You can also add a flea market to the directory and post a message regarding special events and unusual items for sale or w ...

Catalog Choice     View
This is "a free service that lets you decline paper catalogs you no longer wish to receive." Register and select catalogs to opt out of receiving, rather than sending or calling individual merchants. Includes a place to report merchants who ...

With DirectBuy, It Will Cost You a Lot to Save     View
This September 2007 article describes the operation of a nationwide buying club that promises members discounts on goods after paying membership fees. Topics include amount of membership fees, prices of items, handling fees, and return policies. The ...

Outlet Stores: Where to Shop & How to Save Big Bucks     View
Findings from a 2006 survey of factory (manufacturer's) outlets stores to assess quality of the goods. The survey found that "[s]urprisingly, perhaps, outlet goods are high-quality. But you won't always find rock-bottom prices." It provides ...

A Cooperative Food-Buying Club Primer     View
This article describes tips for establishing a food-buying club. If "you are looking for more vegetarian, whole food options in your community or better prices on healthy foods, a cooperative consumer food-buying club could be your answer. These ...

Holiday Watch     View
This site features information and statistics about trends in holiday shopping back to 1999. Topics include "hot" gifts, busiest shopping days, data on tracking holiday sales figures, and winter holiday season sales as a percentage of total ...

Holiday Retail     View
Collection of news stories related to the current winter holiday retail season. Topics include toys made in China, toy safety, holiday price cuts, sales figures, and other retailer and consumer actions. (Note: Video clips may take a long time to load ...



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