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How Sourdough Bread Works     View
This site describes the process by which bread is leavened with sourdough starter rather than store-bought yeast. The site explains that to create sourdough starter the baker "captures wild yeast [fungi] that floats in the air to create starter ...

History of Sandwiches     View
Brief overview of the history of the sandwich, covering topics such as "the first recorded sandwich" in the 1st century B.C. developed by a rabbi as a Passover custom of "sandwiching a mixture of chopped nuts, apples, spices, and wine ...

Cupcakes Take the Cake     View
This long-running blog written by cupcake enthusiasts features extensive news and reports about everything related to cupcakes, such as cupcake bakeries, recipes, decorating, trends, events, and contests. Includes many links to related websites for c ...

All About Cupcakes     View
This presentation about cupcakes covers the history of cupcakes, cupcakes today (including cupcake culture and the cupcake "internet craze"), and cupcake designs and recipes. Includes links to related sources. Part of a project for the Inte ...

Martha Stewart: Cutest Cupcakes     View
Image gallery with accompanying recipes for decorated cupcakes, showing designs such as snowballs, bugs, lollipops, clowns, and toadstools. Note: A search of this website yields many additional cupcake recipes. From Martha Stewart Living.

NY Food Museum     View
This online museum presents exhibits about the foods and the culinary history of New York City. Features exhibits about how New Yorkers ate 100 years ago (including information about production, manufacturing, and dining), ethnic restaurants in New Y ...

Ice Cream: Selected Internet Resources     View
Small collection of annotated links to websites about ice cream, covering history, safety of homemade ice cream, photos, scientific aspects, and ice cream sundaes. Includes historical photos. From the Science Reference Section, Library of Congress.

AIB International Statistics     View
Collection of data and references related to the baking industry, covering bakeries and specific baked goods such as bagels, breads, cakes, pizza, pretzels, and tortillas. Compiled by the staff of the Ruth Emerson Research Library of the American Ins ...

The Sweet Science of Chocolate     View
This site contains two features related to the science of chocolate: the video archives of a 1999 Valentine's Day event at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, and an interactive feature that "takes a closer look at the sweet lure of chocolate. ...

Ghirardelli Chocolate     View
It's pronounced "Gear-ar-delly." Domingo Ghirardelli started out with a general store near Sacramento to supply the gold miners. He opened his chocolate factory in San Francisco in 1852 and later moved to Ghirardelli Square, which always sm ...



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