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Immunization Info     View
"NNii's mission is to provide the best possible science-based information to everyone who needs to know the facts about immunization. NNii believes that immunization is one of the most important ways to protect against serious infectious diseases." I ...

About Salk     View
This essay describes physician and scientist Jonas Salk's development of the polio vaccine, and his development of the Salk Institute in San Diego, California. Includes links to a timeline, a video about Salk and the institute, and the Jonas Salk Tru ...

Rabies     View
Extensive information about the transmission of and treatment for rabies. Topics addressed include transmission, epidemiology, pets, human rabies, wild animals, bats and rabies, and travel concerns. Includes links to related information. Has sections ...

Shingles (Herpes Zoster) Vaccination     View
Background and vaccination recommendations for shingles (herpes zoster), "a painful localized skin rash often with blisters that is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox." Includes link to the May ...

The Shot Heard Round the World: Development of the Salk Polio Vaccine     View
This illustrated timeline presents events surrounding the development of the polio vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk. Discusses early history of polio, the first major U.S. polio epidemic in 1916, the research of Salk and others to develop a polio vaccine, t ...

Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine     View
Collection of documents related to the development by Dr. Jonas Salk of a polio vaccine, the federal government plan to have the vaccine produced, the drop in polio cases since the vaccine was distributed widely in the U.S. starting in 1955. Provide ...

CISP: Childhood Immunization Support Program     View
"The mission of the CISP is to improve the immunization delivery system for children across the nation." The site features information for families and clinician about vaccines, vaccine safety, and illnesses preventable by vaccination. Also ...

Smallpox     View
A wide variety of information about smallpox, including background on smallpox as a disease, vaccines, vaccination programs, tips for lab handling, and the Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Provides inf ...

Influenza (Flu)     View
Provides current information on specific strains of flu virus found in the United States and worldwide, and describes the vaccine being used to combat the disease. Gives recommendations on who should get a flu shot and when vaccination should occur. ...

Find a Flu Clinic     View
Search by ZIP code for flu shot clinics provided by drug store and supermarket chains. The "best time to get a flu vaccine is from early October to mid-November." From the American Lung Association.



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