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Precious Cargo     View
Companion to a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) program that "follows the bittersweet journey of a group of Vietnamese young people, adopted by American families at the end of the Vietnam War, who travel back to their homeland in search of thei ...

May 4 Collection     View
Site of an archive devoted to the May 4, 1970 "student demonstration against the Vietnam War." Contains a FAQ about the day when "Ohio National Guardsmen left four students dead," a description and subject guide to the May 4 Colle ...

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today     View
Contains a chronology of U.S.-Vietnam relations, bibliographies, and links to websites about Vietnam and the Vietnam War.

Battlefield: Vietnam     View
An overview of the Vietnam War by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) that provides a brief history of the conflict, a detailed timeline, information on Vietcong guerrilla tactics, a detailed look at the siege of Khe Sanh, as well as specifications ...

The Vietnam-Era Prisoner-of-War/ Missing-in-Action Database     View
"This database has been established to assist researchers interested in investigating the U.S. Government documents pertaining to U.S. military personnel listed as unaccounted for as of December 1991." Retrieves information on documents whi ...

Vietnam Passage: Journeys from War to Peace     View
Tells the stories of six Vietnamese people and an American journalist: their connection to the Vietnam War and their lives since. Also has a lot of information about Saigon (now Ho Chi Minh City), tourism in contemporary Vietnam, a teacher's guide, a ...

The Wars for Vietnam - 1945 - 1975     View
Includes an overview of the war, official documents, including the Geneva Peace Accords, excerpts from Diem's legislation against suspected Communists (Law 10/59), the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, various peace proposals, excerpts from the Paris Accord ...

The Moving Wall     View
Information about this traveling exhibit, which is a "half-size replica of the Washington, DC Vietnam Veterans Memorial." The site includes a schedule of the exhibit's displays since 1984, a chronological list of the names on the wall, tips ...

Freedom of Information Act: Kent State University     View
Over a thousand pages of digitized documents pertaining to the "violent events at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio" during the May 4, 1970, student demonstrations against the Vietnam War. From the Freedom of Information Act site, Federal B ...

State-Level Lists of Casualties From the Korean War (1951-1957) and Vietnam Conflict (1956-)     View
"Records of U.S. military casualties from the Korean and Vietnam conflicts." Organized by state, then either alphabetically or by home of record. Lists name, rank or grade, branch of service, home of record, date of death, date of birth (Vi ...



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