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What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?     View
"An oral history of Rhode Island women during World War II, written by South Kingston High School students." Read first-hand accounts of what it was like to be a woman in America during the second World War.

A People at War     View
"This exhibit highlights the contributions of the thousands of Americans, both military and civilian, who served their country during World War II. Documents from the National Archives and Records Administration's (NARA) National Personnel Records Ce ...

Save the Girls     View
Website for "a project to preserve, restore and display the world's largest collection of original World War II aircraft nose art" (i.e., cheesecake). Features an image gallery, a brief history, and background on the project. Note: "Th ...

Exploring the Japanese American Internment Through Film & the Internet     View
This website "utilizes a rich collection of video clips as a starting point for examining the many aspects and implications of the Japanese American internment." Essays and video clips explore topics related to World War II and prewar discr ...

Letters From the Japanese American Internment     View
In this history lesson plan, "students make deductions about life in an internment camp by reading and comparing letters written to [children's librarian] Clara [Estelle] Breed." Provides images of the letters, photos, links to related Smit ...

Breaking German Wehrmacht Ciphers     View
This site describes ongoing efforts to decode ciphers used by the Germans during World War II. Includes reports on its own decoding of messages created with a "3-wheel German Army Enigma machine" as well as provides links to other decoding ...

Bergen-Belsen Memorial     View
Official website for this memorial located in Bergen-Belsen, Germany, on the site of former Nazi prisoner-of-war (POW) and concentration camps during World War II. Includes details about the exhibition building opened in October 2007, a timeline and ...

Battle of the Bulge     View
Companion to an "American Experience" feature on the Battle of the Bulge. This World War II battle in Belgium and Luxembourg "was the biggest and bloodiest single battle American soldiers ever fought -- one in which nearly 80,000 Amer ...

Japanese American Archival Collection (JAAC) ImageBase     View
This website "presents about 1400 images in a searchable database of selected photographs and images of artifacts related to the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II." Search, or browse by medium (artifact, document, or phot ...

The Axis History Factbook     View
Information on all aspects of Germany and her allies during WWII. Includes military and political organizations, statistics, names and membership of various organizations, and some biographical information.



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