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Rwenzori Mountains National Park     View
Website for this UNESCO World Heritage Centre World Heritage site in western Uganda. "The region's glaciers, waterfalls and lakes make it one of Africa's most beautiful alpine areas. The park has many natural habitats of endangered species and a ...

Eurovision Song Contest     View
Official website of this song contest in which one artist (individual or group) from each of dozens of European countries participates. Features a history of the contest since its inception in 1956, historical contest results for each country, and de ...

Q&A: Montenegro Referendum     View
Questions and answers about the reasons behind and the impact of a May 2006 referendum in which "Montenegro has voted for independence from its union with Serbia. ... The union of Serbia and Montenegro was all that remained of the federation of ...

The United Kingdom Parliament     View
Contains legislative updates, publications, a FAQ on how Parliament works, information on tours and visits, factsheets, a glossary, and more.

10 Downing Street     View
This site "is here to promote the UK overseas, communicate Government news and information, explain the role and history of Number 10 as a building, and the office of Prime Minister as an institution." Includes a biography of the British Pr ...

The Scottish Parliament     View
Official site about the Scottish Parliament and Holyrood, its home in Edinburgh as of September 2004. Features information about parliamentary business and members of the parliament (MPs), and images and video of the new building and its opening day. ...

Official-Documents     View
Selected United Kingdom government documents are available by date, title, or government department. The main groups of documents are Command Papers (also known as White or Green Papers) and House of Commons Papers (which includes the annual and budg ...

Zimbabwe: Shadows and Lies     View
Companion website to a June 2006 program that "goes undercover in Zimbabwe to reveal what has happened to a country once regarded as a beacon of democracy and prosperity in Africa." It examines hunger and poverty, government and political c ...

United Nations Development Programme: Zimbabwe     View
Background and news about United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) activities in Zimbabwe in areas such as poverty reduction, HIV/AIDS, democratic governance, and gender equality. Includes a document outlining goals for the country, project fa ...

World History for Us All     View
This website provides "a powerful, innovative model curriculum for teaching world history in middle and high schools." Features an overview of the integrative approach to world history, lesson plans arranged by "Big Eras," a gloss ...



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