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Wildfinder: Mapping the World's species     View
Search more than 26,000 animal species throughout the world, either by place or by species name. You can search for birds, mammals, reptiles, or amphibians.

Altweb: Alternatives to Animal Testing     View
"Altweb is intended to foster the development of scientifically acceptable in vitro and other alternatives to animal testing. Alternatives are defined as methods which reduce animal use, replace whole animal tests, or refine existing tests by minimiz ...

Animal Welfare Institute     View
"AWI is a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1951 to reduce the sum total of pain and fear inflicted upon animals by humans." The site includes updated news stories covering animal rights issues, as well as a link to their lobbying organiz ...

Humans and Other Animals     View
"Humans and Other Animals is a web site designed for all those interested in the human-animal relationship. The site provides academic researchers, students and people who deal with animals in their everyday lives, both professionally or as owners, w ...

Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University     View
"The collections include tens of thousands of types (the original specimens used when a new species of plant or animal was first described to science)."

International Aid for Korean Animals     View
Website for this organization "committed to ending the dog and cat meat trade, teaching compassion towards animals, and enforcing strong animal protection laws in Korea." It discusses issues concerning dogs, cats, bears, and the Korea Anima ...

Animal Welfare During Transport     View
This compilation of documents concerns European Union regulations about the welfare of animals during transportation. Provides press releases, proposals and speaking notes, a FAQ, reports, and other material about topics such as satellite navigation ...

Vegan Outreach     View
Vegan Outreach is a non-profit organization that "is dedicated to reducing animal suffering by promoting a vegan lifestyle." Included in the site are resources for advocacy such as the Adopt-a-College program, and downloadable publications relevant ...

Animal Welfare Information Center     View
This is a site operated by the United States Department of Agriculture. It seeks to educate the public on the "improved animal care and use in research, testing and teaching."

Foundation for Biomedical Research     View
Provides information on biomedical research including lesson plans and fact sheets on animal research. Also includes a database of illegal incidents related to biomedical protests.



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