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The Brooklyn Museum of Art     View
"The Brooklyn Museum of Art is the second largest art museum in New York City and one of the largest in the United States. One of the premier art institutions in the world, its permanent collection includes more than one and a half million objects, f ...

Museo Nacional Centre de Arte Reina Sofia     View
This museum displays Spanish works of art.

Pinacoteca Capitolina     View
This museum is an art museum in Rome.

Restoration Online     View
This site gives you an "up-close look at the delicate process of restoring a painting that is over 300 years old." You can look at the daily log or read what was wrong with the painting.

Hong Kong Museum of Art     View
"It is the mission of the Hong Kong Museum of Art to preserve the cultural heritage of China and promote art with a local focus. Its collections now number in excess of 12,800 art objects, including Chinese paintings and calligraphy works, antique Ch ...

Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari     View
This museum is a national art museum in Italy.

National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo     View
"The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo was opened in 1952 as Japan's first-ever national art museum. Since then, the Crafts Gallery and the National Film Center have also been opened. These three facilities engage in a wide range of activities, in ...

Storico Civico Cuggionese     View
"The Museum is intended to offer an overview of the ancient town of Cuggiono, showing the everyday life of our ancestors and the arts popular at that time."

Kunsthalle Wien     View
This museum displays contemporary and classical modern art.

Singapore Art Museum     View
This exhibition, featuring works from the Singapore Art Museum permanent collection, offers four interrelated themes in Southeast Asian art that explore the complex terrains of Southeast Asian modernity: "Realism and Social Commitment", "Abstraction ...



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