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Indians of California     View
A Californian college professor has put together a nice collection of resources about California's Native Americans.

Oneida Indian Nation     View
Learn all about this group of Native Americans, one of many "nations" of native peoples in North America. Find out where they are located, what's happened in their past, and even get some great recipes from their cookbook.

Native American Indian Resources     View
This helpful site lists over 300 websites that relate to Native American culture. The author also describes them so you'll know which ones will be most helpful to you.

Homeland     View
"Four Lakota families open their hearts and homes in . . . an inspirational portrait of reservation life." Learn about Lakota history and their way of life.

Lakota Winter Counts Online Exhibit     View
See, listen, and learn about Winter Counts: the history of important events recorded by the Lakota. You will learn about the history and social structure of the Lakota, a native people also known as Teton or Western Sioux.

New Perspectives on The West     View
Take a look at the western United States: the history, people, documents, photographs, and events.

Tracking the Buffalo: Stories From a Buffalo Hide Painting     View
"You be the historian and explore the life of the northern Plains Indians and their relationship with the buffalo."

Surrounded by Beauty: Arts of Native America     View
Learn about the Native American peoples of the Southwest, Northwest Coast, Plains, Northeast Woodlands, and Mississippi Valley through this introduction to their history and culture. And explore their artwork including baskets, pottery, masks, clothi ...


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