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WSDOT-Metric Conversion Factors     View
Lists conversion relationship between U.S. customary units and SI (International System) units, and gives conversion factors for commonly needed values -- area, length, pressure, force, and volume -- as well as gauge standards for sheet metal, wire, ...

Conversion of Units     View
A forms based utility that converts values in one unit to any other.

Encyclopedia of Religion and Society: Conversion     View
This essay explores research trends for the topic of religious conversion. Discusses approaches to conversion and the "world-saver" model of conversion and recruitment by religious groups. Includes references. From the Hartford Institute fo ...

Temperature Conversion Calculator     View
Convert from and to Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, Reaumur, and Rankine.

Measuring Units Conversion Tables     View
This site provides conversions "from/to metric and imperial and US measurement systems." It calculates the results and gives the factors for length, area, volume/capacity, mass (weight), and temperature conversions.

Torque Unit Conversion Table     View
Key in the amount of torque in any one of several torque units. Click to produce a table showing the amount expressed in several other torque units. Easy!

Convertworld     View
Convertworld is a unit conversion website. Currency can be calculated for 36 different countries. The date cane also be changed to reflect the most current value of the currencies. Other conversion areas are: length, temperature, weight, data storage ...

The Converter Site     View
How many light years will I travel from here to the bathroom? For this and other burning unit conversion questions, use The Converter Site. "The Converter Site is an online metric and imperial conversion utility" that allows you to convert units of d ...

OANDA     View
This site offers a multilingual currency converter which contains the exchange rates for 164 currencies. Travelers can print out a cheat sheet: "a multi-value table of an exchange rate to facilitate calculations while you travel." The site also off ...

Roman Numeral Date Conversion Table     View
"This page is intended as a guide to deciphering Roman numeral year dates as they are commonly found in the imprints of both modern and early printed books. It explains the basic principles for converting numbers from Roman to Arabic form and also de ...



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