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Build-A-Prairie     View
Plant grasses and flowers, then choose the birds and mammals that will help your prarie survive. Watch what happens! This is a great way to learn about ecosystems.

Sanctuary: U.S. National Wildlife Refuges     View
"Take a serious look at America's ecological oases. Find out what threats menace wildlife and, perhaps, the refuges themselves."

Dragonfly     View
Explore some fun aspects of science. There are sections on snow, animal communication, and earth sounds. Then, try out the activity for that section, like making virtual snowflakes or escaping from an island.

SCERP-CIPAS: U.S.-Mexican Border Environmental Policy; Southwest Center for Environmental Research     View
This site (from the Southwest Center for Environmental Research at San Diego State University) is a thorough resource for current and past environmental research projects along the U.S.-Mexico border. Includes links to related publications, and addi ...

OnEarth     View
National Resources Defense Council sends OnEarth (formerly called The Amicus Journal) out to its membership and also publishes it online. The online version has poetry, fiction, nonfiction, letters and responses from NRDC, links to archives of OnEa ...

Greenwich Bay     View
Learn about the habitat and ecosystem of Greenwich Bay in Rhode Island.

Center for the Built Environment     View
"The Center for the Built Environment (CBE) was established in May 1997 at the University of California, Berkeley to provide timely, unbiased information on promising new building technologies and design techniques." Excellent links to environmental ...

Forestry Library     View
The University of Minnesota's Forestry Library site has information not only about the library's services, but also a collection of online research tools, including the forestry library databases, electronic journals, and internet sites.     View
The website of this "global journal of practical ecotourism," focuses primarily on ecotourism issues and education for Mexico and the Americas. The site includes country-specific information for several South and Central American countries, and feat ...

The International Ecotourism Society     View
Travel help, tips, and FAQ sheets for travelers who "tread lightly" as well as helpful articles and research services for ecotourism professionals. Find out more about The International Ecotourism Society here.



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